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Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, TDS (Telephone & Data Systems) Telecom (and formerly Continuum) is an internet service provider focused on delivering quality communications solutions to residential customers nationwide. 

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TDS (and formerly Continuum) delivers high-speed internet, TV, and phone services to over 1,100 communities nationwide.  With its fiber-optic internet technology, TDS delivers internet speeds up to 1 Gigabits to households across the country.

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Customer Service

For customer support, contact TDS.

Have a service question or technical issue? TDS customer support is available 24/7 via helpful article, live chat, and a support line to assist you.

For customer service, visit their support page.

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Your data usage for any given period is the total bytes sent and received through your internet connection. TDS Telecom residential internet customers are restricted to 500 GB of bandwidth (uploaded or downloaded) per month. If you exceed this data cap, you may be required to purchase upgraded Internet service for an additional monthly fee.

Yes and no. Depending on which plan you subscribe to, TDS data caps include 500 Mbps during peak hours and unlimited data usage during non-peak hours. For every 250 Mbps you exceed during this data cap timeframe, TDS will charge you $20 (up to $60 per billing cycle). As a courtesy to customers, TDS provides internet usage data to stay on top of your usage throughout the month.

Peak hours are the TDS network’s busiest time: 6 AM — midnight (Central Time.)  During non-peak hours the network is less busy: midnight—6 AM (Central Time).

The main difference between these two TV services is streaming capability.

TDS TV includes all the original greats of Cable TV: customizable TV Channel packages, Video On Demand, and live sports.

The new TDS TV+ service integrates all those features with streaming apps, so you can access all your favorite shows and movies in one place. It’s cable + streaming TV.