CenturyLink Internet & Phone Services

Affordable Fiber internet
Fast DSL speeds
Simple bundle options

CenturyLink Overview

CenturyLink is a leading internet service provider offering internet and phone services to residential, business, and enterprise customers in the U.S. Their simplified pricing and no-contract features make them a top contender for millions nationwide. See what sets them apart from other providers below.

CenturyLink Internet

  • Plans starting at $49/mo
  • Speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • DSL & Fiber options

CenturyLink Phone

  • Plans starting at $24.25/mo
  • Local and long distance options
  • International plans reaching 100+ countries

CenturyLink Bundles

  • Starting at $85/mo
  • Double Play = internet + phone
  • Enjoy discounted rates

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CenturyLink Internet: Price for Life Guarantee

CenturyLink is best known for its fast DSL speeds and simple internet plans. Their DSL internet is available across all CenturyLink serviceable areas, perfect for basic web browsing and streaming your favorite shows and movies.

With a Price for Life guarantee program on select plans, no contracts required, and widespread availability, CenturyLink plans offer great value at an affordable price. If you live in an area that offers CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit, you can enjoy speeds up to 940 Mbps with no data caps that are ideal for gamers or professionals working from home. Just note that the Fiber Gigabit service does not come with the Price for Life guarantee.

Finding the right internet plan requires more than just speed. So let’s break down everything there is to know about CenturyLink services to determine what hits home for you.

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CenturyLink Coverage Area

CenturyLink provides DSL and fiber internet service to 39 states nationwide, covering more than 16% of all U.S. homes. That’s a whopping 52 million households. While all CenturyLink serviceable areas offer DSL internet access with speeds up to 100 Mbps, only 30% of people can get CenturyLink fiber internet. In major metro cities with the greatest coverage - namely Denver, Des Moines, Phoenix, and Seattle - you can expect to find CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit available with speeds up to 940 Mbps.

Wide availability
Contract-free options

Installation fees apply
Limited plan options

CenturyLink Company Details

A member of the S&P Index and a Fortune 500 company, CenturyLink is a multinational telecommunications provider headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana. CenturyLink has operated in the United States since 1930, offering internet, TV, phone, security, cloud applications, and other ancillary services to millions of Americans for over 90 years. Going further, CenturyLink established the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation in 1968 named after CenturyLink’s founder, Clarke M. Williams. Dedicated to improving the lives of those throughout CenturyLink communities, this foundation provides support through monetary contributions, volunteerism, and outreach programs. Overall, CenturyLink is fueled by its mission to create lifetime customers and deliver secure and reliable services that can meet any digital need today.

CenturyLink Customer Support

CenturyLink has 24/7 technical support. To speak directly with a customer representative, you can call the CenturyLink phone number at 1-855-413-9478 or get instant access to an online representative through their live chat.

CenturyLink FAQs

CenturyLink offers DSL, fiber, copper, and fixed wireless internet services. However, internet plans vary by location. To view all services available in your area, enter your zip code above.
This depends on which plan you subscribe to. CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit plans come with unlimited data. All other plans have a 1 TB data cap. It’s worth noting that CenturyLink currently does not charge overage fees, but they may send a friendly notice if you exceed your data limit.
Yes. You can get either CenturyLink fiber and DSL internet without a phone line. CenturyLink fiber plans run along fiber-optic glass cables completely separate from phone lines, so you do not need a landline for this service. CenturyLink DSL service does require a phone jack for connection, but you are not required to have an active landline to enjoy their internet service.
Yes. CenturyLink does offer promotions to men and women of the United States Armed Forces. Promotions do change, so we recommended speaking with a CenturyLink sales representative for more information: 1-833-754-1133
No. You can shop for basic CenturyLink TV products or use their recommendation tool without subscribing to their internet service. Do know that their DISH and DIRECTV services do not require internet. However, CenturyLink streaming TV and their AT&T TV partner products do.