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What internet speed do I need?

Estimate the best speed for your needs based on your usage, devices, and lifestyle to find the perfect plan for you.

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How many people in your household use the internet on a daily basis?

Select all the devices you have.

Do you stream video (Netflix , Hulu , Twitch, etc.)? If yes, what quality video?

Does anyone in your household play internet-connected video games?

How many members of your household work or attend school from home?

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What internet speed do you need?

That depends on how you use the internet.

<50 Mbps

Great for individuals to browse the internet, check email, and other basic browsing.

50-100 Mbps

Great for streaming Netflix, videos, and online meetings.

100-200 Mbps

Great for streaming high quality videos, fast downloads, video games, and multiple devices.

200+ Mbps

Great for doing almost anything at ultra fast speeds.