Frontier Internet, TV & Phone Services

Wide variety of plans
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Frontier Overview

Frontier is a top internet service provider in the United States, offering internet, TV, and phone services nationwide. They deliver reliable connections with extra benefits that keep customers coming back. We break down the essentials of Frontier below to help you decide on the right service for you.

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Frontier Internet: Best Bang for Your Buck

Frontier internet plans offer the best bang for your buck on a variety of DSL and fiber internet plans. The plans and speeds available will vary depending on your location. While under the same company umbrella, Frontier offers three different internet services in select regions of the United States: Frontier High-Speed Internet, Frontier Vantage, and Frontier FiOS.

The main differences between each are internet type, speed, and coverage. Frontier High-Speed Internet is a DSL service covering a majority of Frontier’s territory, yet offers slower speeds than its fiber-optic counterparts. Frontier Vantage is a fiber-to-the-node connection with faster speeds than DSL and availability across the Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, and Northwest. Best of them all is Frontier FiOS which operates on a fiber-optic network, delivers speeds up to 1 Gbps, and reaches major cities throughout California, Florida, and Texas.

Enjoy extra benefits when you bundle your Frontier internet and TV plan with features such as deep discounted, no-contract options, unlimited data usage, and more.

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Frontier Coverage Area

Frontier serves 29 states and nearly 4 million subscribers, making it the eighth largest provider in the U.S. Originally, Frontier served mainly rural and suburban communities, but after recently introducing its newest internet service, Frontier FiOS, it now offers high-speed internet in multiple metropolitan cities across California, Florida, and Texas. There you can enjoy blazing-fast internet speeds up to 1 Gbps depending on where you are located.

Affordable bundle deals
Fiber available in rural areas

Installation + equipment fees apply
No standalone TV packages

Frontier Company Details

Previously known as Citizens Communications Company until 2008 when it underwent a brand refresh, Frontier Communications, is a national telecommunications provider that has been serving customers for more than 85 years. Frontier originally focused its efforts on rural and suburban communities, however, after expanding its networks and product offerings, Frontier services are available in several metropolitan areas today including Los Angeles, CA, Austin, TX, and Indianapolis, IN. Frontier focuses on delivering a whole-home experience with services including a variety of internet, TV, phone, and smart home security packages. It’s this variety of options and affordable plans that attract so many customers and keep them coming back.

Frontier Customer Support

To receive technical support or learn more about Frontier services, you can contact Frontier customer service online or call their Frontier phone number at 1-800-921-8101 to speak with a customer representative 24/7.

Frontier FAQs

Frontier offers DSL and fiber internet, TV, and phone services to both residential and business customers. Availability will vary depending on where you live.
Frontier offers three different internet types: Frontier High-Speed Internet, Frontier Vantage, and Frontier FiOS. Frontier High-Speed Internet is a DSL service that uses existing copper phone lines in your home to deliver a reliable internet connection. Frontier Vantage is a fiber-to-the-node service that delivers internet over fiber-optic and copper lines for faster speeds. Frontier FiOS uses an all fiber-optic network for the fastest and most reliable internet connection around.
No. Frontier internet plans come with unlimited data terms, so you don’t have to worry about paying surprise overage fees, exceeding a data limit, or dealing with reduced speeds towards the end of the month.
FrontierTV Everywhere allows you to view TV anywhere. It’s an app that makes it possible to view available programs on devices other than your TV such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Frontier offers a Price for Life guarantees on a majority of their plans. On a select few, they provide a 2-year price lock contract that holds you to the same price for two years. If you choose a plan without either of these benefits, your monthly bill will increase after the promotional period ends. It’s best to speak directly with a Frontier customer representative for current offers in your area.

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