Best Internet Options for Truckers

Best Internet for Truckers

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Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is a reliable option for truckers who are often driving in rural and remote areas where other options are not available. Internet connectivity while on the road is beneficial for communications, map and route services, and traffic reports.

With better coverage than the solutions offered by traditional internet providers, satellite internet provides service to truckers from nearly anywhere in the US. The most popular satellite internet providers for truckers are HughesNet internet and Viasat internet. Additionally, Starlink offers a satellite internet service for RVs that works just as well for truckers.

  • Satellite internet
  • 2-year fixed pricing
  • No hard data caps

  • Fast satellite internet
  • Ideal for rural areas
  • Up to 3x faster than DSL*

  • High-speed satellite internet
  • Low-latency connection
  • No annual contracts

Mobile Hotspots

A hotspot is a device that creates a WiFi network and uses cellular data to connect to the internet via your mobile carrier’s wireless LTE or 5G network. You can purchase a hotspot and use it to connect your devices while on the road. Some popular hotspots are the Verizon Jetpack, AT&T Unite, and the T-Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot. Check with your carrier for options and prices.

One internet option truckers should consider is Wireless Home Internet from EarthLink. The service is a hotspot and is designed for users in rural areas as an alternative to satellite internet and DSL internet. Despite the name, Wireless Home Internet, it can be used on the road in the right circumstances. 

  • Best internet protection
  • Unlimited data included
  • No credit checks

Wireless Home Internet from EarthLink requires access to 5G cellular networks and requires power. So as long as you’re in a network and have a 120V outlet in your rig, you can use it to get internet access while on the road.

The device from EarthLink can operate on 4G LTE and 5G mobile networks, and will choose the fastest signal possible. It depends on what’s available, but it offers great fexibility wherever you are in the country. You can connect multiple devices to it, but so you know, speeds may slow down when multiple devices are connected to it.

If you choose to go with a mobile hotspot with any carrier, they almost always have data limits. Depending on your internet lifestyle, it may be far less expensive to upgrade to unlimited data than to pay costly overage fees.


MiFi devices provide truckers with a portable WiFi hotspot using cellular data, enabling internet connectivity for multiple devices within a 30 foot range. Drivers can leverage MiFi to power stable video calls, messaging, entertainment streaming and business applications on the road. This mobile router shares fast, reliable connections with smartphones, laptops, tablets simultaneously – allowing families and colleagues to stay linked across distances while supporting drivers’ professional and personal needs alike. Whether remote team collaboration, transmitting files, accessing cloud-based platforms or simply video chatting loved ones, MiFi equips trucks with an onboard connectivity hub for productivity and community on long hauls.

Public WiFi

Many truck stops and rest areas offer free public WiFi. However, the quality of the WiFi can be poor, making the connection slow or unreliable. Public WiFi is often less secure, so it is not recommended to use public WiFi for sensitive information or financial transactions. But it’s a good solution if you need quick access and lack other options.

Internet Provider Hotspots

If you pay for internet service at home, then depending on your internet provider, you may have access to free hotspots across the nation. Not all providers offer this service, so check with yours and you might have access to broadband internet as you travel across the country.

Cellular Data

Using your smartphone to access the internet when WiFi is not available is probably the quickest and easiest solution. This is convenient for truckers, but the quality of the connection varies depending on the coverage area and the strength of the signal.

If you rely on your cellphone and mobile carrier for internet service while on the road, a booster might be a worthwhile investment for you. These devices amplify mobile signals to improve coverage and signal strength. One significant drawback is that they can be expensive. 

weBoost Drive X RV

  • Specifically designed for RVs and semis
  • Supports all US carriers
  • Coverage up to 50 square feet

Cel-Fi Go RV

  • Ideal for vehicles and small spaces.
  • Coverage up to 100 square feet
  • Supports all US carriers

SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0

  • Designed for vehicles
  • Coverage up to 50 square feet. 
  • Supports all US carriers
  • Compact design for easy installation.

weBoost Drive Sleek

  • Mobile design for vehicles
  • Coverage up to 32 square feet
  • Supports all US carriers
  • LED indicator to monitor signal strength.

Aside from these top solutions to stay connected while on the road, there are other options available that can help you in a pinch. Most public libraries offer free WiFi, along with cafes and coffee shops. They may not be the best long-term solution for you and your truck but work well for quick access to the internet. 

Online Privacy & Security

If you’re using a reputable satellite internet service, provider hotspot, or mobile hotspot, your online privacy and security are better protected. However, consider additional protection for your internet connection, especially if you’re using shared or public WiFi. The best way to safeguard your online privacy and security is to use a virtual private network (VPN), which provides an encrypted “tunnel,” making your online transmissions secure and data protected.

Over-the-Road Entertainment

Rewarded play apps are gaining popularity, especially among truckers. These apps allow users to play mobile games to earn rewards, like gift cards to Amazon, Target, and Walmart. One of the fastest-growing play-to-earn apps is Cosmic Rewards.

Available for Android devices, Cosmic Rewards offers a diverse selection of game genres – from puzzles and RPGs to casinos and trivia. The longer you play, the more rewards you can potentially earn.

Key Features

  • Variety of free games to choose from
  • Earn Stardust to redeem for Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.
  • Cash out your earnings every 24 hours
  • Use gift cards to cover gas, meals, and other on-the-road expenses
  • Popular app with frequent new game releases

For truckers looking to enjoy themselves and supplement their income during downtime, Cosmic Rewards is worth trying.

Internet for Truckers FAQs

Can truckers get internet service in their rigs?

Yes, truckers have several options to choose from to get internet service in their semi-trucks. Solutions include a mobile hotspot from a cellular carrier, such as T-Mobile and Verizon, mobile satellite internet solutions, and simply through their smartphone that is connected to a wireless LTE or 5G network.

Do I need unlimited data with any internet service I choose?

While it may cost a bit more per month, we highly recommend opting for unlimited data caps with any internet service you use. It may cost less than paying for steep data overage fees should you use more than your internet provider grants per month. If you know you use more than is offered, the extra monthly fee for unlimited data could save you money in the long run.

Should I get a cellular signal booster?

Signal boosters increase your smartphone’s signal or the wireless signal from your cellular provider. They are very useful in areas, like rural and remote areas, where the signal may not be as strong and provide connectivity where other options may be unavailable. The downside to a signal booster is that they are expensive and can decrease performance in areas where the signal is strong.

What is a mobile hotspot and how does it work for truckers?

A mobile hotspot is a device that provides internet access by creating a WiFi network using cellular data. Truckers can connect their devices to the mobile hotspot to access the internet. Mobile providers, such as T-Mobile and Verizon, offer a variety of devices and plans for your mobile hotspot.

Will weather affect my internet service on the road?

Poor weather conditions can significantly impact both satellite and mobile internet services. Heavy rain, snow, or dense cloud cover can degrade satellite signals, leading to slower speeds or service interruptions. Similarly, extreme weather can affect cellular towers, disrupting mobile internet connectivity.

What should truckers consider when choosing a satellite internet provider?

You should consider factors such as coverage, speed, cost, and data limits when choosing a satellite internet provider. Providers such as HughesNet and Viasat offer different plans with different speeds and various data plans. Starlink offers a mobile satellite internet service that would work very well for truckers, but keep in mind that the service will not work if your truck is in motion.

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