Satellite TV Providers 2024

Best Satellite TV Providers


Best sports access & premium entertainment

Best sports access & premium entertainment



Best plans variety & bonus features

Best plans variety & bonus features


What is Satellite TV?

Satellite TV is a wireless service that delivers TV programming to households via satellite dishes orbiting around Earth. Satellite TV is available nearly everywhere across the world and provides access to your favorite shows, movies, sports games, and more from the comfort of your home.

Is Satellite TV right for me?

Satellite TV is an excellent choice for residents living in rural or suburban areas, especially if those areas have yet to offer cable TV. Satellite TV providers tend to provide more channels, making it great for people who love live sports and other premium channels. You may not be as inclined to purchase satellite TV if you live in a place that has frequent inclement weather since your dish will be exposed to the elements. The last thing you want is for your signal to go out during an important game.

However, satellite TV is going to have much wider availability across the country than cable. We recommend checking what services are available near you to narrow down your options. In the meantime, we broke down the top two satellite TV providers for you so you can assess if either is a fit.


  • Available nearly everywhere in the US
  • More premium channels
  • Costs less than cable TV


  • Bad weather can affect performance
  • Contracts typically required

Compere Satellite TV Plans

ProviderStarting PriceMax Channel CountFind Plan
DIRECTV$64.99/mo.*330+Check Availability
DISH$69.99/mo.*290+Check Availability
Starting Price$64.99/mo.*
Max Channel Count330+
Check Availability
Starting Price$69.99/mo.*
Max Channel Count290+
Check Availability

Pricing, speeds, offers, and availability vary by service address and are subject to change at any time. Additional fees, taxes, and terms may apply. As of 05/25/2022.

Our Top Satellite TV Picks



Best sports access & premium entertainment



  • Largest satellite TV provider
  • 40,000+ movies On Demand
  • Nationwide availability

DIRECTV, owned by AT&T, is the nation’s leading satellite TV provider today. They’re committed to delivering premium video entertainment through satellite and internet streaming technologies, with deep discounts when you bundle services alongside AT&T internet and phone. DIRECTV’s premium channels include NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO Max, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, and STARZ.

Things we like:
  • Exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket
  • 330+ channels available
  • Best sports channels
  • TV Everywhere app
Things to consider:
  • 2-year contract required
  • Can be disrupted by extreme weather conditions



Best plans variety & bonus features



  • 2-year fixed pricing
  • Free installations
  • Available nationwide

DISH is the nation’s leading satellite TV provider that offers four main TV plans packed with bonus features and industry-leading technology to bring you the best in-home entertainment. Customize your channel line-up, record up to 16 shows at once, and access fan-favorite Apps like Netflix®, YouTube®, and Pandora® all in one place.

Things we like:
  • No installation fee
  • Best DVR features
  • 190+ channels available
  • Record up to 16 shows at once
Things to consider:
  • Must install satellite yourself
  • 2-year contract required
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Our Thoughts on Satellite TV

Satellite TV is an excellent option for those seeking reliable TV service & premium channels in remote areas. While you may be further from the city, you can still access all the programming you want – Sunday kickoff games, SHOWTIME movies, and more. DIRECTV and DISH  offer feature-rich plans to give you flexibility and deep discounts at sign-up. Which one you pick will likely come down to what shows you like to watch.

Satellite TV vs. Cable TV

The main difference between satellite and cable TV is how each service is delivered. Satellite TV is a wireless service that uses a dish to transmit signals, while cable TV uses grounded cable lines. Typically, cable TV is more costly than satellite TV, but it’s less likely to be affected by bad weather. Depending on where you live, you may have multiple providers available near you. Enter your zip code here to compare all your options.

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How We Evaluate

Finding the right provider for you depends on what you’re looking for. Since satellite TV is available just about anywhere in the US, it’s often the obvious choice for residents who don’t have cable readily available. Our team of experts evaluates on categories including channel selection, affordability, and customer satisfaction to provide you with the best options near you.


Satellite TV FAQs

DISH is the cheapest satellite TV provider with plans starting as low as $69.99/mo. Get access to over 190 channels and a 2-year price-lock guarantee.

Yes. Satellite TV is still a thing, although there are other options available now like cable TV and streaming services. Satellite TV is best for those in rural and suburban areas who want access to premium TV channels.

Satellite TV packages run anywhere from $70 to $140 per month. Each plan depends on the number of channels, sports packages, premium channels, and On Demand titles. Plans also increase in price when you combine them with streaming services that require subscriptions of their own.

With satellite TV, you have access to your local channels, America’s Top 120, and the option to add on premium movie and sports channels. Some examples of popular channels that both DIRECTV and DISH offer are ESPN, USA, CMT, Disney Channel, STARZ, and E Network.

This depends on your needs, but there are two main satellite TV providers to choose from – DIRECTV and DISH. Similar to cable TV, both satellite TV providers offer a wide range of packages, premium channels, DVR features, On Demand content, and more. To find the best TV provider available near you, enter your zip code here.

It all comes down to the method of transportation. Satellite TV providers use communication satellites and dish antennas to deliver TV service. Cable TV providers use either a coaxial or fiber-optic cable connection and a cable box to deliver TV service. Satellite TV is available to the contiguous U.S. including Alaska and Puerto Rico due to its satellite technology, while cable TV requires a cable network connection and has limited availability in rural areas.