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Bundling internet and TV is convenient and can save you serious cash. Our localized search tool will show you available internet and TV providers near you. Entering your zip code will help us filter your results since providers can vary by location. To start, check out some of the best bundle deals.

Benefits of Bundling Service Providers

Bundling multiple services from a single provider not only saves you money and reduces stress from shopping around, but often comes with additional incentives and bonuses. Check out these perks service providers have been known to give to customers who bundle:

  • Waived installation fee
  • Complimentary streaming devices
  • Free or upgraded sports and movie packages
  • Gift cards

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ProviderMin. Channel CountBundle Download SpeedStarting Price
65 + 100 mbps $84.99 /mo
30 + 10 mbps $59.97 /mo
75 + 10 mbps $51.99 /mo
25 + 50 mbps $69.99 /mo
220 + 200 mbps $50.00 /mo
20 + 1000 mbps $95.00 /mo
200 + 200 mbps $59.98 /mo
200 + 150 mbps $40.00 /mo
125 + 200 mbps $89.99 /mo
10 + 100 mbps $49.99 /mo

Data sourced 7/2/2020. Offers and availability vary by location. Prices are subject to change and may require a contract. Services subject to availability and may be based on qualifications and applicable terms and conditions.

Bundle FAQs

Not only is it a convenient option, but bundling your internet and TV is a great way to save money. If you need both internet and TV (as most people do) a bundle will be cheaper than purchasing both separately from different providers.
The best bundle packages will vary by provider, based on equipment needed, contract length and channel lineup, but some top choices can be found here.
There are a few different ways to watch local channels with subscribing to a traditional cable tv package. To watch local channels, you will need a streaming device (i.e. Roku, Amazon Firestick.) These devices connect to various OTT (over the internet) services that stream the video directly to your TV. You may not need a streaming device if you are watching content on your Mac, PC, or laptop. Another option if you don’t have a streaming device would be an indoor HD Antenna, which typically range in price from $19.99-$49.99 and have a reception distance of up to 65 miles. For more insights on cable alternatives, read more here.
Bundle deals can save you money on your monthly services and can include any combination of internet, TV, home phone and in some cases cell phone service. Bundle prices vary by service area, internet speed and channel lineup. To see the best bundle packages in your area, start your search here.