MetroNet Internet, TV & Phone Services

100% Fiber-Optic Network
High Speed Internet
Unlimited Data

Metronet Overview

MetroNet is a telecommunication company dedicated to providing digital solutions for homes and businesses. They specialize in providing a full-suite of communications services including internet, TV and phone — all powered by fiber-optic technology to deliver reliable and fast upload and download speeds to customers.

Fiber Internet

  • Plans starting at $49.95/mo.
  • No speed throttling
  • Symmetrical 200 Mbps speeds

Fiber TV

  • Live TV & OnDemand Access
  • No Buffering or Pixelation
  • Dedicated MetroNet DVR


  • Reliable Connection
  • Clear Audio Quality
  • Caller ID & Call Transfer

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MetroNet Fiber Internet: Affordable Fiber

MetroNet is a fiber-optic internet provider in 8 states across the U.S. With full fiber-to-the-home services, MetroNet offers internet service plans ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gigabit, so customers can find the connection most suitable for their home. They’ve simplified their speed tiers to make it easier to choose the right plan, adding extra perks like no contracts, symmetrical speed options, and a wireless router included.

Unfortunately, MetroNet does not offer bundles. However, customers can shop their affordable services on an a-la-carte style so you only get what you need. Check out our comparison of MetroNet features to see if MetroNet is right for you.

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Metronet Coverage Area

In just 15 years after launching in Indiana, MetroNet has expanded its fiber-optic network to include more than 100 communities in 8 states in America such as Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Florida. They provide telecommunication services by using fiber-optic cables to connect directly to homes and businesses. MetroNet is available to an estimated 1.5 million households in the U.S., with future overbuild efforts in the pipeline.

No Contracts
More Bandwidth for Heavy Internet Usage

No bundle options
Limited Availability

Metronet Company Details

Newly formed in 2005, Metronet began providing service in Greencastle, Indiana, and has since expanded its 100% fiber-optic network into more than 100 communities throughout the United States. MetroNet provides state-of-the-art telecommunications services at affordable prices and with local-styled customer service that support customers. MetroNet is committed to providing high-quality fiber internet, fiber TV, and fiber phone services to both residential and business customers. Continually seeking opportunities to grow, MetroNet prides themselves on delivering services comparable to those offered by tech giants in large metropolitan areas.

Metronet Customer Support

For more information about MetroNet’s services, plans and pricing, you can call 877-407-3224 to speak with a customer representative or receive 24/7 technical support. For general inquiries and customer resources, visit their Service Center online today.

Metronet FAQs

MetroNet services are available in select communities of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Florida. To view availability, enter your zip code here for all current options.
Please call 833-693-0969 to set up your internet connection with MetroNet today.

MetroNet offers 4 service plans based on expected download speeds, including 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 1 Gigabit. Below shows who each plan is most suitable for:

  • 100 Mbps: 4 connected devices, light web browsing and music streaming
  • 200 Mbps: 6 connected devices, light to medium email use and minimal gaming
  • 500 Mbps: 8 connected devices, uploading & downloading videos, photos, and video chatting
  • 1 Gigabit: 10+ connected devices, heaving video streaming and online gaming
MetroNet offers unlimited data, so customers can enjoy limitless access to the internet with absolutely no extra charges.

MetroNet requires a $9.95/month technology fee. Their technology service fee is a mandatory flat fee covering any service call, broken set-top boxes, router, or any other MetroNet owned equipment. They'll come directly to your home to fix it or replace equipment at no cost to you.

If, at any point, you cancel your service, you’ll need to return your leased equipment to MetroNet to officially close your account.