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Optimum is a regional internet service provider offering internet, TV, and phone services to households in the North-East. Optimum internet is available in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania to an estimated 12.4 million households, making it the fourth-largest cable provider in the U.S. by coverage area. Check out what else sets them apart from other providers below.

Optimum Internet: Most Reliable Internet

Ideal for gamers, large families, and home businesses, Optimum provides reliable internet service at budget-friendly prices. Better yet, it takes the hassle out of connecting your home with zero data caps, no contracts, and fixed-price guarantees when you switch to them.

Optimum internet plans start at just $35/mo for speeds up to 300 Mbps and increase up to 1000 Mbps depending on your lifestyle needs. Want a whole-home entertainment experience? Bundle your internet plan with cable TV or an Altice Amplify smart hub to integrate everything into one system.

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Optimum Coverage Area

Although Optimum is the fourth-largest cable internet provider in the United States, it’s mainly located in the Tri-State area and includes Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. While currently serving about 5 million subscribers, its services are available to an estimated 12.4 million households nationwide. In addition to cable broadband, Optimum also offers fiber internet with speeds up to 1000 Mbps, cable TV, and home phone services. If you’re looking for whole-home entertainment, this may be a good option for you.


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Optimum Company Details

Formerly known as Cablevision, Optimum was acquired in 2015 by Altice USA, and operates in the Tri-State area as a telecommunications provider in addition to its larger sister company Mediacom. Optimum by Altice offers internet, TV, and phone products and services to both residents and businesses and services nearly 5 million subscribers to date. What sets them apart from competitors are their blazing fast speeds, reliable connection, and no-hassle benefits. Consistently among the top 5 internet providers on the Netflix ISP Speed Index for best primetime performance, Optimum offers highly competitive services to those in its coverage area. It even goes a step further by incorporating philanthropic efforts into its company culture and overall spending. Through its parent company Altice USA, Optimum partakes in community projects that help bridge the digital divide, support the arts, and encourage new cohorts of young leaders to excel.

Optimum Customer Support

Optimum may be smaller than some providers as far as coverage goes, but their customer service is just as robust. To receive technical support or learn more about Optimum services, you can reach a customer representative 24/7 through their Live Chat online, the Optimum App, @OptimumHelp Twitter account, or directly via 1-866-218-3259.

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You have questions, we have answers

Optimum offers internet, cable TV, and phone products and services. Optimum is a regional ISP available in just four states including Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. To see what services are available in your area, enter your zip code above for current options.

Yes. Optimum, formerly known as Cablevision, was recently acquired by Altice in 2015. Altice is now the parent company of two internet service providers: Optimum and Suddenlink. You’ll sometimes see Optimum referred to as Optimum by Altice.

No. One of the great benefits of subscribing to Optimum internet service is that there are no data caps, speed throttling, or overage fees.

Altice Amplify is a smart home “hub” that integrates with Amazon Alexa and other smart home devices such as your Apple TV and Nest products. Built to amplify your home entertainment, you can play music, automate your smart home, and control your shows with one command. Altice Amplify can be added to any Optimum service for just $10/mo.

Yes. Optimum offers Altice Advantage Internet for eligible households within their service area. To qualify, residents must participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP); OR be a New York resident and attend a New York City public school; OR be 65 years or older and receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI); OR be a veteran and receive state or federal assistance.

Altice Advantage Internet includes basic internet speeds up to 30 Mbps for just $14.99/mo plus taxes and an installation fee. It also comes with a free smart router and modem, unlimited data, and no contract.

Yes. Optimum offers loyalty discounts to customers who choose to keep their service after they move. Just remember, Optimum’s service area is limited to the Tri-State area including Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. You can view moving instructions on Optimum’s site.