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Mediacom Overview

Mediacom is the fifth-largest cable tv provider in the U.S. and offers services including high-speed internet, TV, and phone to residents and businesses alike. With internet speeds up to 1 Gbps and no contract options, Mediacom customers stay connected and entertained when it counts the most. See if Mediacom is the provider for you below.

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Mediacom Internet: Best Package Variety

No matter what lifestyle, Mediacom has a wide variety of internet plans to suit your needs. Mediacom offers cable packages and fiber internet plans starting at just $39.99/mo for 60 Mbps that increase in speeds up to 100, 200, 500, 1,000 Mbps depending on where you live.

When you subscribe to Mediacom internet, you get their Xtream WiFi 360 service that promises whole-home WiFi coverage, access to Mediacom Xtream WiFi hotspots, and internet security at no additional cost. For some, that outweighs the not-so-fun caveats like Mediacom’s installation and activation fees. We break down the pros and cons further to help you decide what’s right for you.

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Mediacom Coverage Area

Spanning 22 states, Mediacom is considered the fifth-largest cable tv provider in the United States and is available to over 7 million households. Mediacom’s coverage area is primarily concentrated in the Midwest and Southeast states, with over 1.4 subscribers to date. It focuses most efforts on expanding its fiber-optic network and servicing smaller cities and towns with a wide array of plans and pricing.

Best variety of options
Reasonably priced

Data caps apply
Price increase after first-year contract

Mediacom Company Details

Mediacom Cable, formally known as Mediacom Communications Corporation, is a leading telecommunications provider that was founded by current CEO Rocco Commisso in 1995. In just 25 years of business, Mediacom has risen to be the fifth-largest cable television provider by subscriber count and has focused most of its efforts on surviving households across the Midwest and Southeast. Its services include internet, cable TV, and phone and are available to both businesses and residents in 22 U.S. states. Each year, Mediacom ranks among the top ten providers on the Netflix ISP Speed Index for best internet performance during primetime hours. Mediacom has a reputation for offering customers reliable and secure communications services at affordable prices and is dedicated to keeping its customers connected.

Mediacom Customer Support

Mediacom customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all customers and new inquiries. If you need technical support or wish to learn more about Mediacom services, you can contact a customer representative directly at 1-855-633-4226 or visit their Mediacom support page online for more information.

Mediacom FAQs

Mediacom offers high-speed internet, TV, and phone services to a select number of states in the U.S. To see what services may be available in your area, enter your zip code above for all current options.
It depends on which plan you subscribe to. A majority of Mediacom plans do not have a service contract, and subscribers enjoy month-to-month service. However, there are a few that include an early termination fee of about $10 per month for every month you end service early. Mediacom can charge up to $120 for 1-year contracts and up to $240 for two and three-year contracts per their service commitment agreement.
Yes. Depending on which plan you subscribe to, Mediacom has data usage limits ranging from 150 GB to 2,000 GB per month. The higher speeds you subscribe to, the higher your data cap will be. Mediacom charges $10 for every 50 GB of data exceeded on a plan.
A combination of different internet usages like file sharing, streaming, and browsing the web makes it difficult to calculate future data usage. The following are estimates on data usage that may give you a general idea about your activity:
ActivityData Per HourRequired Download Speed
HD Video Streaming3 GB8 Mbps
Gaming60 MB6 Mbps
Music Streaming150 MB0.5 Mbps
Basic web surfing20 MB1 Mbps
Social Media156 MB1 Mbps
Download/Upload Photos5 MB each photo25 Mbps / 3 Mbps
Video Calls350 MB2 Mbps
Mediacom’s Xtream WiFi 360 is a multi-room system of WiFi extenders that is designed to deliver fast and consistent internet connection throughout your entire home. By adding WiFi 360 Extenders in key areas throughout your home, you can boost your in-home WiFi range to every corner of your property - yes, even the yard. Prices and availability of WiFi 360 extenders vary depending on where you live.

Yes. With a few hundred and counting, Mediacom’s network of Xtream WiFi hotspots is available in 10 states (or about half) of Mediacom’s coverage area. These Xtream hotspots provide free unlimited WiFi to Mediacom internet subscribers and are also available for free for up to 30 minutes a month to everyone who isn’t a Mediacom subscriber.

You can search all active Xtream hotspots using Mediacom’s online hotspot map.

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