Viasat Internet Service

Fastest satellite internet service
Great rural provider
Nationwide availability

Viasat Overview

Viasat (formerly Exede) is the fastest satellite internet provider in the United States, bringing high-speed internet to remote locations across the country. Leveraging its satellite network, Viasat internet is especially popular among the most underserved, rural communities seeking reliable internet service and extra features the competition can’t beat. See what we mean below.

Viasat Internet

  • Plans starting at $50/mo
  • Speeds from 12 Mbps - 100 Mbps
  • Shield online security add-on

Viasat Phone

  • Unlimited long-distance calling
  • Call forwarding & Voicemail
  • Two-year price lock guarantee

Viasat Bundles

  • Double Play = internet + phone
  • Save $10/mo. on Double Plays
  • Limited bundle options

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Viasat Internet: Fastest Satellite Speeds

Second in size, but first in speed. Viasat goes one step further than its top competitor Hughesnet to provide customers with satellite internet speeds up to 100 Mbps. Viasat also includes extra perks for each of its internet plans that are very popular among subscribers including no data cap options, no-contract plans, and wide availability in rural and suburban areas.

You can knock out two birds with one stone when you choose add-on features like Viasat Shield online security protection or Viasat phone service for as little as $5.99/mo. Viasat has four primary internet plans ranging in speeds from 12, 25, 50, and 100 Mbps great for streaming your favorite shows, working from home, and yes - even gaming. We breakdown the pros and cons to help you pick your best match.

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Viasat Coverage Area

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Viasat is the second-largest satellite internet provider in the United States after Hughesnet. Spanning all 50 states, Viasat is available to an estimated 310 million people and currently serves 700,000 households nationwide. Committed to providing internet service to the unconnected and underserved areas in America, Viasat is considered one of the best rural internet providers around.

Lower price per Mbps/mo than Hughesnet
Unlimited data options

Slower speeds than DSL, cable, and fiber internet
High prices

Viasat Company Details

Founded in 1986, Viasat broke ground quickly in the telecommunications industry, delivering broadband services to areas of the country where cable providers simply couldn’t reach. While it originated in California, Viasat is available worldwide thanks to its satellite network. Viasat offers bundles and standalone services for both internet and phone. In 2012, Viasat launched a consumer brand named Exede, yet it was quickly changed back to Viasat in 2014 in order to reduce brand confusion. Over the years, Viasat has taken on a handful of acquisitions to expand its presence in the market and grow its subscriber base. Viasat also provides online security services, keeping its customers safe and connected at all times.

Viasat Customer Support

Viasat offers around-the-clock customer service for all technical support issues in addition to customer inquires. You can reach a customer representative 24/7 toll-free at 1-844-702-3199 or visit their support page online for more information.

Viasat FAQs

Viasat provides satellite internet service which means it’s available anywhere in the country - yes anywhere. This is especially appealing to households in rural areas where cable wires stop. To view all internet plans available near you, enter your zip code.
Yes. Viasat recently changed its data limited to unlimited data and allows subscribers to enjoy the full benefit of their satellite internet connection.
In addition to its satellite internet service, Viasat offers Viasat Shield (online security tools) and Viasat business or home phone service. Starting costs for each are $5.99/mo. and $19.99/mo., respectively.
Pricing and plans range depending on what area you live in, but typical Smithville internet plans start at just $50/mo. for 12 Mbps speeds. To compare current internet plans available near you, enter your zip code above.
Viasat is a satellite internet provider, which means it can deliver internet service anywhere in America - and that’s not an exaggeration. Satellite internet technology is dependent on satellites in outer space rather than grounded wire lines like DSL, cable, and fiber services, so its connection is more reliable than most competitors.