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Test your internet speed in under a minute with our speed test tool, providing accurate insights into the quality of your internet provider.

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What internet speed do you need?

That depends on how you use the internet.

Check Your Speed

<50 Mbps

Great for checking emails, streaming music, and browsing the internet.

50-100 Mbps

Great for streaming Netflix , videos, and online meetings.

100-200 Mbps

Great for streaming high quality videos, fast downloads, video games, and multiple devices.

200+ Mbps

Great for doing almost anything at ultra fast speeds.

Accurate Speed Results

Internet speed and reliability vary significantly from provider to provider, and even house to house. Sometimes users don’t get what they pay for, and a speed test is needed to know for sure. Our internet speed test uses the latest technology to provide accurate diagnostics no matter what device you are using or where you are located. Test your internet service from anywhere in the world to understand your connection better and get the speeds you need.

When you run an internet test, you’ll receive live stats about your internet connection including your download speed, upload speed, and ping time. These results will help guide your next steps – whether that’s needing to restart your WiFi router or upgrading your internet plan. If you can’t solve your slow internet issues on your own, try reaching out to your internet provider to find a solution.

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Internet Speed Test FAQs

An internet speed test is a tool used to test the speed and quality of your current internet connection on any device. All you have to do is click start, and our internet test will run diagnostics on your active connection in less than one minute.

When you run an internet test, you receive live stats about your connection including download speed, upload speed, and ping time. These results help gauge the performance of your internet connection and confirm whether or not the speeds you pay for actually hold up.

A number of factors can affect your internet, such as network congestion or how far you are from your home WiFi router. Running an internet speed test can help gauge how far off your service is from the bandwidth you pay for.

Most internet providers advertise maximum speeds available, so it’s not unusual to see a difference between your actual speeds and the speeds you signed up for.

If you run a network speed test and get poor marks, plenty of quick solutions can remedy it. However, if you experience speeds more than 30% slower than your maximum bandwidth, you may want to reach out to your service provider.

ISP throttling is when your provider intentionally slows down your connection. This may happen due to network congestion or your ISP limiting certain types of traffic. A quick WiFi speed test can confirm whether or not your provider is throttling your connection.