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You can’t go wrong with either Xfinity internet or Spectrum internet really. Both offer extensive nationwide coverage and a variety of internet plans for any lifestyle. However, there are a few key differences between them, like internet speeds and data caps, that can make or break your decision. Follow along to see what each provider has to offer.


ProviderInternet TypeDownload Speeds Up To*ContractsExtra Fees
XfinityCable1200 Mbps1 and 2 yearsEquipment rental, ETF, Installation fee
SpectrumCable1000 MbpsNoneEquipment rental, Installation fee
Internet TypeCable
Download Speeds Up To*1200 Mbps
Contracts1 and 2 years
Extra FeesEquipment rental, ETF, Installation fee
Internet TypeCable
Download Speeds Up To*1000 Mbps
Extra FeesEquipment rental, Installation fee

Comparing Internet Fees

When it comes to internet fees and features, Xfinity and Spectrum vary quite a bit. Check out the top internet features of each ISP below.

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Data Limits

Of the two, only Xfinity places data limits on select internet plans. Xfinity gives customers a 1.2 TB data allowance each month. For most users, this is plenty of data to get through.

Customers who use more than 1.2 TB of data in a month for the first time will not be billed for exceeding the limit. After that, however, blocks of 50 GB will automatically be added to your bill for an extra fee of $10 each plus tax. Added charges will never exceed $100 per month, no matter how much data you use. Users can upgrade their equipment to get unlimited data.

If you’re a heavy user who frequently plays games online, streams videos, or works from home, we recommend opting for a plan with unlimited data. 

Contracts & Termination Fees

Spectrum does not require an annual contract or charge an ETF at all. In comparison, Xfinity may offer plans on a month-to-month basis or split between either a 12-month or 24-month contract on higher plans. If you decide you need to end your contract before your agreement expires, you may be charged an early termination fee of up to $120 (or $10 for every month left on your contract).

Installation Fees

Xfinity and Spectrum are getting with the program in regards to customer experiences. With people making purchases online, they now offer self installations and online ordering. It’s free with Xfinity, while Spectrum may charge a small activation fee of $10 for a self-install. They differ more in their professional installations. Xfinity charges a one-time fee of $89.99 for a professional installation whereas Spectrum charges $49.99. 

Equipment Rentals

When it comes to renting your internet modem and/or router, Spectrum offers the best options. New Spectrum customers receive a free modem at sign-up or have the option to rent a modem/router combo for $5 per month. In comparison, Xfinity charges a flat fee of $14 per month for its router.  If you prefer to save money by using your own equipment, both Spectrum and Xfinity have no problem with it. Except with Xfinity, your router must be on its third-party list of approved equipment.

Price Increases

When you sign up for either provider, you’re guaranteed fixed pricing for at least 12 months. However, after your promotional period ends, your bill is likely to increase for both. Depending on which plan you opt for, the Xfinity price list below could save you more money in the long run. You may be able to call in and negotiate an extension on your fixed price, but this varies depending on where you live in most cases.

Xfinity Internet Plans

Xfinity Internet PlansDownload Speed Up To*Upload  Speed Up To*Starting Price*
Performance Starter50 Mbps5 Mbps$19.99/mo.
Performance100 Mbps5 Mbps$40.00
Blast!300 Mbps10 Mbps$50.00/mo.
Extreme600 Mbps20 Mbps$50.00/mo.
Extreme Pro900 Mbps20 Mbps$60.00/mo.
Gigabit1200 Mbps35 Mbps$70.00/mo.
*Speeds, prices, and plans vary by location, do not include additional fees, and are subject to change at any time. 12/5/21
Xfinity Internet PlansPerformance Starter
Download Speed Up To*50 Mbps
Upload  Speed Up To*5 Mbps
Starting Price*$19.99/mo.
Xfinity Internet PlansPerformance
Download Speed Up To*100 Mbps
Upload  Speed Up To*5 Mbps
Starting Price*$40.00
Xfinity Internet PlansBlast!
Download Speed Up To*300 Mbps
Upload  Speed Up To*10 Mbps
Starting Price*$50.00/mo.
Xfinity Internet PlansExtreme
Download Speed Up To*600 Mbps
Upload  Speed Up To*20 Mbps
Starting Price*$50.00/mo.
Xfinity Internet PlansExtreme Pro
Download Speed Up To*900 Mbps
Upload  Speed Up To*20 Mbps
Starting Price*$60.00/mo.
Xfinity Internet PlansGigabit
Download Speed Up To*1200 Mbps
Upload  Speed Up To*35 Mbps
Starting Price*$70.00/mo.
*Speeds, prices, and plans vary by location, do not include additional fees, and are subject to change at any time. 12/5/21

Spectrum Internet Plans

Spectrum Internet PlanDownload Speed Up To*Upload  Speed Up To*Starting Price*
Internet200 Mbps10 Mbps$44.99/mo.
Internet Ultra400 Mbps20 Mbps$64.99/mo.
Internet Gig1000 Mbps35 Mbps$104.99/mo.
*Speeds, prices, and plans vary by location, do not include additional fees, and are subject to change at any time. Prices above include an AutoPay discount of $5 per month. 12/5/21
Spectrum Internet PlanInternet
Download Speed Up To*200 Mbps
Upload  Speed Up To*10 Mbps
Starting Price*$44.99/mo.
Spectrum Internet PlanInternet Ultra
Download Speed Up To*400 Mbps
Upload  Speed Up To*20 Mbps
Starting Price*$64.99/mo.
Spectrum Internet PlanInternet Gig
Download Speed Up To*1000 Mbps
Upload  Speed Up To*35 Mbps
Starting Price*$104.99/mo.
*Speeds, prices, and plans vary by location, do not include additional fees, and are subject to change at any time. Prices above include an AutoPay discount of $5 per month. 12/5/21

Contract Buyouts

Spectrum is the only provider of the two to offer contract buyouts. It’ll cover up to $500 in early termination fees you may accrue when you switch from your old ISP to their company. Terms apply to be eligible, so we recommend calling in to have a customer representative walk you through the process of redeeming this credit.

Customer Satisfaction

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACIS) is an industry-leading measurement of customer satisfaction that gives annual ratings for internet providers nationwide. Both providers have improved their scores over the years. However, customers have rated Xfinity higher than Spectrum three years in a row. Features like its plan variety and availability are a few things that make Spectrum stand out to them.

Xfinity and Spectrum ACSI ratings
Source: ACSI as of 12/5/21


Your choice as a customer really comes down to where you live. Internet service providers have networks spread across the US, and no two ISPs offer the same coverage. Both internet providers have extensive nationwide coverage, yet Xfinity offers far more WiFi hotspots. We recommend entering your zip code below to know for sure what’s available near you.


Currently, Spectrum offers service in 41 states. That makes it one of the largest providers in the United States. If you live in California, New York, or Texas where their coverage is greatest, you’re likely to find and enjoy the most options. In addition, customers also get access to more than 500,000 free WiFi hotspots.


Currently, Xfinity offers service in 40 states and serves over 115 million customers. It’s one of the largest cable providers in the US. Its best coverage and speeds can be found in suburban and urban areas, and customers get access to more than 18 million free Xfinity WiFi hotspots.


Xfinity offers great affordable internet plans. However, Spectrum offers slightly better options related to internet fees. Based on their offerings, check out which provider pairs best with your needs and lifestyle.

Budget Shopper

If you’re shopping on a budget, Xfinity internet plans may be for you. While its equipment rental fee and professional installation cost slightly more than Spectrum, it charges less per Mbps. You’ll be able to get fast download speeds for as much as $15 cheaper if you can get Xfinity in your area.

Heavy User

Both internet service providers offer similar speed options – for both download and upload speeds. Yet, Xfinity offers more choices and a maximum speed of 1200 Mbps in select areas. High-speed internet like this is best for heavy users who stream videos, game online, work from home, or have multiple devices connected at once.


You’re likely to find at least one of these providers in your area. However, Xfinity offers more in the way of WiFi hotspots. Spectrum includes about 500,000 free WiFi hotspots to active customers, whereas Xfinity serves over 18 million. This makes traveling and commuting more convenient in the States.

To shop for current internet providers near you, enter your zip code below.

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