International Internet Day is October 29

international internet day

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While it seems like there’s a day for just about anything (looking at you, Count Your Buttons Day), International Internet Day has a little more weight to it. Certainly more so that Static Electricity Day.

What is International Internet Day?

International Internet Day was first recognized on October 29, 2005 to commemorate the first time data was transferred between two computers on October 29, 1969. This advancement in telecommunications and technology set the wheels of evolution in motion to develop the internet as we know it today.

If you get annoyed by slow internet or have trouble finding internet providers in your area, here’s a bit of perspective from that first transmission. It was between researchers at UCLA and researchers at Stanford. The goal was to make a simple text transfer of the word “login.” Speaking by phone to verify that each letter transferred as they entered one letter at a time, they reached the letter “o” before the system crashed.

The internet has evolved by leaps and bounds since then. 

For those who lived pre-internet, it’s hard to remember what life was like before the information superhighway was at our fingertips. Whether you experienced life before the internet or grew up with broadband internet in your home, International Internet Day is a day to commemorate the contributions this technology has made to human existence.

Ways to Commemorate the Day

There’s no formality about the day, it really is just to honor the researchers and engineers who got the internet ball rolling. However, we’ve come up with a few practical ways you can observe the day and get a pulse on your internet connection.

Run a Speed Test

You spend your hard-earned money on your internet connection, so it is beneficial to make sure your connection is close to the speed of your plan. Use the tool below to test your speed. If the reported speed is significantly lower than what you’re paying for, you should check with your provider.

Improve Your WiFi Connection

You’ve had your home WiFi up and running for a while now, and everything seems good, right? Now would be a good time to maintain it, look for dead zones, and test to make sure it can’t be improved. While we have an entire guide on materials that disrupt your WiFi, one of the simplest actions you can take right now is to reboot your modem and WiFi router. Doing so clears up any congestion or caches and restores the device to optimum performance.

Look for Better Internet Providers in Your Area

Most regions in the country have at least two high-speed internet providers. Don’t miss out on potentially faster and more cost-effective options. Simply enter your zip code in the search tool below, and we’ll present you with the top internet options near you.

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Check Your Security

It may be a coincidence, but International Internet Day falls during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Cybercrimes happen at an alarming rate, and sadly, most crimes are successful due to human error. 

While it is important to verify your speed, improve your WiFi, and find the best internet providers in your area, it is just as important to take a look at how best to protect your data and identity. Our Cybersecurity Awareness Month resource has a thorough list of other resources with actions you can take to bolster your cybersecurity.

Final Thoughts

There are some silly days of the year out there, but International Internet Day is a great day to take an annual pulse on your internet provider, home network, and cybersecurity. It’s also a good day to take inventory of all the positive ways the internet improves your daily life. Or maybe make a contribution to an organization that helps deploy broadband internet services or other technology resources in areas or countries in need.

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