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Consolidated Communications

Consolidated Communications Internet Plans, TV & Phone Service

Consolidated Communications is a nationwide communications provider that offers rural and suburban homes the service trifecta: internet service, TV plans, and phone. Depending on where you live, Consolidated may deliver symmetrical speeds up to 1000 Mbps with unlimited data. See what else our experts discovered about Consolidated services below.

Consolidated Communications Internet: Flexibility Perks

When it comes to switching internet providers, the process doesn’t always have to be a hassle, and Consolidated Communications makes sure of that. They offer internet, TV, and phone services for homes and even provide a contract buyout of up to $200 to cover any early termination fee charged by your previous provider. Once you become a Consolidated customer, there are multiple perks that give you more flexibility.

One of our favorite perks is that Consolidated includes free wireless modem and router rentals with all internet plans, or you can use your own personal devices. This means you never have to worry about equipment fees, giving you more control over your internet experience.

For those who wish to bundle internet and TV, Consolidated Communications offers $5 discounts per service when you combine two or more in a plan. The fewer bills for utilities the better, we say. At the top of the line, Consolidated carries up to 175+ cable TV channels, speeds up to 1000 Mbps, and unlimited local calling with phone. Yet, this will vary depending on where you live. To learn about your options, try entering your zip code below.

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Consolidated Communications Coverage Area

Consolidated Communications is a nationwide ISP that provides internet, TV, and phone services to homes across the United States. It’s currently available in select markets of 19 states, with services varying significantly depending on where you live. Consolidated’s main stomping ground is in Illinois, but you can also find a decent amount of coverage in the northeast states such as New Hampshire, New York, and Maine.


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    Contract buyout up to $200

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    Free WiFi router with internet plans


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    Up to $99 ETF upon cancellation

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    Contracts required

Consolidated Communications Company Details

In business since 1894, Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc. (Consolidated Communications for short) was originally founded as Mattoon Telephone Company in Mattoon, Illinois. Over the years, Mattoon Telephone was acquired several times before landing in the hands of ICTC in 2022 and changing its name to the current one. Consolidated still holds its headquarters in Mattoon, yet it expanded its services and coverage area significantly since. Consolidated now provides internet and TV services to homes in 19 states. Depending on where you live, Consolidated offers DSL, cable, and fiber internet connections and speeds up to 1000 Mbps up and down. It’s also considered a top-tier internet service provider for its massive 36,000 miles of fiber, but if you haven’t heard of them yet, it’s understandable. Consolidated Communications mainly serves suburban and rural communities more so than major metropolitans.

Consolidated Communications Customer Support

Consolidated Communications customer service is available 24/7 for technical support and Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for all other inquiries. Existing internet customers with technical or billing questions can also reach help by phone using the CC internet support hotline at 1-844-968-7224 or through their online chat service.


You have questions, we have answers

Consolidated Communications provides CCiTV, which can be either a live TV streaming service or a traditional cable TV service depending on where you live. Each is available in select markets across the U.S. and must be paired with a Consolidated internet plan.

Yes. Consolidated offers discounts on their services whenever you bundle two or more. Customers can save an extra $5 per service they choose to bundle. Consolidated has internet, TV, and phone services to choose from.

No. Speed throttling and internet data limits are two things you won’t have to worry about with Consolidated. You can enjoy unlimited data no matter what internet plan you have.

Due to cost and time constraints, fiber internet is only available in select markets within Consolidated Communications’ service area. To see if CC fiber is available near you, please enter your zip code above.

Yes. Consolidated gives customers the option to choose what internet equipment they use. However, CC does provide free modem and router rentals with all of their internet plans, so monthly equipment fees are a non-issue here.

Yes. While it’s never fun switching internet providers, Consolidated Communications makes the transition a little better with a contract buyout up to $200 if your previous provider has an early termination fee (ETF).