What Is the Xfinity 10G Network & How Do I Get It?

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5G is still fairly new and making waves for wireless communication, but you’re likely familiar with it. So, you may wonder if Comcast’s recent announcement of Xfinity 10G is twice as good. What even is Xfinity 10G, and how do you get it? All good questions. We’ll explore what it is, what it isn’t, its availability, and how you can get it.

What Is Xfinity 10G?

It turns out that 5G and 10G are completely different things, which is causing some frustration in the telecom and wireless industries, and amongst consumers. 5G refers to the Fifth Generation of cellular and wireless networks. Whereas Xfinity uses “10G” to indicate an internet speed of 10 gigabits per second (Gbps).

Rather than thinking of Xfinity 10G as a massive step forward in wireless communications, think of it as a rebrand of Xfinity’s product suite, primarily its internet service.

Because that’s exactly what Xfinity 10G is…a new brand name.

But there’s a little more under the hood than just a new moniker. It represents the aspirations and future capabilities of the internet provider’s already impressive network. 

The Future of Xfinity Internet

No new internet plans come with the announcement of the Xfinity 10G rebrand. Its top speed is 1.2 Gbps, with 3 Gbps available in very limited markets. But it is a not-so-inconspicuous indication of where the company wants to take its network in the next few years.

Comcast declares on its website that the Xfinity 10G Network “delivers a powerful connection to our customers that will continue to get smarter, faster, more reliable, and secure. It is the network that our customers use today and the network that will power their connectivity experience in the future.”

Make no mistake that Xfinity and other cable internet providers have their sights set on a network that provides internet speeds reaching 10 Gbps.

Products are currently in development with CableLabs, a think tank that designs and develops the latest cable technology used by cable operators around the globe, that will make these speeds possible over a cable network.

Given how quickly fiber internet providers have reached the 5 Gbps benchmark, it is crucial for the cable industry to deploy this technology soon in order to keep up with the gigabit race.

What Xfinity 10G is Not

While following the same naming convention of cellular and wireless data networks, Xfinity 10G is not a wireless network that is seemingly twice as fast as the current fifth generation (5G). 

Xfinity 10G is not even in the same category as the current 5G wireless network cell carriers use today.

It’s easily confused, but it is a new name for Xfinity’s current land-based cable network that will evolve over time and bring the best Xfinity has to offer to its customers in terms of internet, entertainment, and online experiences.

Xfinity 10G Compared to Fiber Internet

Two of the greatest advantages fiber internet has over cable internet are symmetrical speeds and ultra-low latency. To remain competitive in the ultra-fast internet speed space, Xfinity is developing technology that will unlock these features for its existing copper network. 

The company states that by the end of 2023, it will begin rolling out the technology for a lower latency feature. This is most meaningful to consumers that game online and work from home, as lower latency improves response times and video conferencing stability. But keep in mind that although cable latency isn’t as fast as fiber latency, Xfinity’s latency is already acceptably low for these activities. It’s just going to get better.

Baked into the technology that allows for lower latency is a significant speed boost and potential for symmetrical speeds. Once this technology is fully deployed, which Xfinity anticipates will be complete by 2025, Xfinity 10G will be well-positioned to directly compete with fiber internet capabilities.

Looking for Xfinity 10G?

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Can I Get Xfinity 10G?

Great news! If you’re a current Xfinity internet customer, you’re already on it! As I mentioned, Xfinity 10G is not a new product. It’s not even a product. It is a new brand name for Comcast’s existing network that signals where the provider is taking the network in the future. 

Xfinity 10G Internet Plans

There are a number of Xfinity 10G internet plans to choose from, with speeds starting at 25 Mbps. It does offer a 3 Gbps plan, but availability is quite limited as of now. Its most popular plan is the 1.2 Gbps plan, which is widely available within Xfinity’s service areas. See below which plan is right for you or learn more on our Xfinity provider page.

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Xfinity 10G FAQs

Currently, no. Xfinity 10G is a new brand name for its existing network and products available on the network. While 3 Gbps is possible in limited areas, the 1.2 Gbps plan is the most popular. The “10G” in the new name is an indication of the improvements Xfinity will be making over the next few years.

No, it is simply a new brand name for its existing internet network. Xfinity offers a variety of speeds and plans, all of which are now branded as “Xfinity 10G.”

The two are not even comparable. 5G is the latest generation (fifth generation – 5G) of mobile technology that has replaced 4G and LTE, while 10G is a reference to an internet speed: 10 Gbps. Xfinity chose the name, Xfinity 10G Network, to indicate high-speed internet and its future speed capabilities.

Today! If you currently have an Xfinity internet plan, you’re already on the Xfinity 10G network. It is simply a brand name for its existing network. Not currently an Xfinity customer? Enter your zip code here to see if the Xfinity 10G network is available in your area.

Xfinity currently offers a 3 Gbps internet plan, but it has limited availability. Its most popular plan at 1.2 Gbps is widely available within its service area.

Final Thoughts

Despite any initial confusion caused by the new brand name, Xfinity’s 10G network is now accessible to everyone within its service area. What’s most important about the new brand name is the direction Xfinity is going and the enhanced network that will be available to millions of customers in just a few short years. It will be exciting to see what it means for us consumers as the fiber and cable industries engage in a ground race to achieve the fastest internet speeds currently possible.

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