What Comes With Your Xfinity Internet Plan?

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With services spanning 40 states and over 8 million WiFi hotspots nationwide, Xfinity stands out as one of the largest internet providers in the country, offering robust and reliable services. But besides nationwide WiFi access, what else comes with your Xfinity internet plan?

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that Xfinity includes many useful perks and features with each of its plans. So, if you’re comparing internet providers and Xfinity is one of your choices, read on for a comprehensive look at what comes with your internet plan.

  • Same-day installations
  • 8+ million free WiFi hotspots
  • Unlimited data available

What’s Included?

The tools and features below are what comes with each Xfinity internet plan. Not only does the provider offer a wide range of high speed internet plans and a robust network to keep your connection stable and reliable, but you also get these valuable perks…for free!

Flex Streaming Device

Recently, Xfinity announced that it would include its Flex 4K streaming video device with all internet-only plans. The device includes the award-winning Xfinity voice remote that comes with the provider’s cable TV devices, which makes navigating your favorite streaming apps and platforms quick and easy.

xFi App

While you must have the wireless xFi Gateway to utilize the xFi App, it is free and feature-rich. In this easy-to-navigate app, you can check in on network issues, restart your gateway, monitor connected devices, create user profiles, and establish internet parental controls to keep your family safe while online.

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Xfinity Rewards

You become eligible for Xfinity Rewards as soon as you become a subscriber, and it happens automatically. Through this rewards program, you’ll have access to free movies, discounted Universal Orland Resort tickets, free games, and more. The longer you’re a customer with Xfinity, the better the rewards get.

Peacock Subscription

Included with all Xfinity internet plans is NBC Universal’s streaming platform, Peacock. With it, you can watch hundreds of movies from Universal, Illumination, Dreamworks, and more. Check out thousands of current and past seasons of your favorite NBC TV shows, news programs, sports, and live TV.

Upgrades Worth Considering

To get the most out of your Xfinity internet service, you may have to add a couple of things. If you know your internet lifestyle needs require more than what’s included, or that you have barriers in your home that will interfere with the WiFi signal, then you’ll want to consider the following upgrades to maximize your service.

Wireless xFi Gateway

The wireless xFi Gateway is a multi-purpose device used for convenient internet connectivity. It is a modem, which connects your home to the Xfinity network, and a WiFi router, that distributes the signal to your wired and wireless devices. Rent the wireless xFi Gateway starts for $14/mo., or buy your own equipment, as long as it meets Xfinity requirements. (You must have the xFi Gateway to use the xFi App.)

Xfinity Complete

Most Xfinity internet plans have data caps on internet, which limits the amount of data you can use in a month, before overage fees are applied. It’s a substantial 1.2TB of data per month, but that’s sometimes not enough for some households. Consider Xfinity Complete, which, for an additional $25/mo., gives you unlimited data, the wireless xFi Gateway, and advanced online security tools for home and on the go.

xFi Pods

Sometimes, the wireless gateway isn’t enough to provide floor-to-floor and wall-to-wall WiFi coverage. If your house is particularly large or has a lot of obstructions, you may notice decreased WiFi performance in areas furthest from the gateway. xFi Pods are network enhancers that spread the signal more evenly and consistently throughout your home. They work seamlessly with the xFi Gateway to keep all your devices and users in your home connected.

Final Thoughts

You get a lot when you get Xfinity internet service. From the get-go, you have access to high-speed cable internet that easily supports internet speed for gaming and working from home. You get a free streaming video device that gives you access to countless entertainment options. And you get free access to Peacock, where you can watch live TV, news, sports, and movies.  

And for just a little more each month, you can get the latest wireless gateway, unlimited monthly data, and whole-home WiFi coverage. Certainly, you can buy your own equipment to add on, like a WiFi router and network boosters and extenders, but there are advantages to using equipment from Xfinity. 

The wireless xFi Gateway and xFi Pods are designed to work together seamlessly and automatically. You won’t have to spend any time configuring equipment from different manufacturers, and you won’t have to do anything else to keep it working properly once you have it all set up. (However, we do recommend restarting your gateway periodically to keep it performing at its best.)

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