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Pricing, speeds, offers, and availability vary by service address and are subject to change at any time. Additional fees, taxes, and terms may apply. As of October/2022.

Overview of Orlando Providers

Located in central Florida, Orlando is one of the state’s most populated urban areas with over 294,648 residents. Whether you’re looking to switch internet providers in Orlando or just moved to a new home, you’re likely to find at least two or more providers at your address.

If you live in Orlando, you likely have access to at least three or more internet providers at your address. Xfinity and CenturyLink are the largest providers in the area. However, there are a total of 7 internet providers in Orlando. Depending on where you live, you may see available download speeds ranging from 1 to 1000 Mbps and internet plans starting at under $50/mo. on average.

Internet Statistics for Orlando, Florida

As one of the most crowded cities in Florida, Orlando naturally has a lot of tourist attractions. Disney land alone covers 47 square miles! Nearly 100% of the city has at least 7 broadband providers to choose from, and in select parts of Orlando, you can enjoy speeds up to Mbps. If you’re considering calling Orlando home, you’ll be pleased to find that its internet options match the diversity of its people and industries.

Compare Internet Service Providers in Orlando

ProviderStarting PriceDownload SpeedFind Plan
CenturyLink$50/mo. – $70/mo.20 Mbps – 940 MbpsCheck Availability
Xfinity$19.99/mo. – $299.95/mo.1,200Mbps – 3GbpsCheck Availability
HughesNet$44.99/mo.25 MbpsCheck Availability
Viasat$64.99/mo. – $169.99/mo.25 Mbps – 150 MbpsCheck Availability
Starting Price$50/mo. – $70/mo.
Download Speed20 Mbps – 940 Mbps
Check Availability
Starting Price$19.99/mo. – $299.95/mo.
Download Speed1,200Mbps – 3Gbps
Check Availability
Starting Price$44.99/mo.
Download Speed25 Mbps
Check Availability
Starting Price$64.99/mo. – $169.99/mo.
Download Speed25 Mbps – 150 Mbps
Check Availability

Pricing, speeds, offers, and availability vary by service address and are subject to change at any time. Additional fees, taxes, and terms may apply. As of October/2022.

Types of Internet Available in Orlando: 

Various internet connections are available in Orlando, including fiber, cable, DSL, satellite, and fixed wireless. Cable internet is the primary type of internet in Orlando, with over 99% coverage. DSL and fiber internet are also options in most parts of the city.

  • Fiber: Fiber internet offers users symmetrical speeds at affordable prices. While a few providers deliver up to 10 Gbps, most fiber plans come with speeds up to 1000 Mbps.
  • Cable: A better alternative to DSL, cable internet delivers service over existing TV lines. This provides wide availability, and potential download speeds up to 1000 Mbps.
  • DSL: DSL internet runs on existing telephone lines. It’s more available than cable or fiber internet and can deliver download speeds up to 150 Mbps in select areas.
  • Satellite: Satellite internet is available virtually anywhere in the US, with speeds ranging from 25 to 150 Mbps. This makes it an excellent option for those living in more remote areas.
  • Fixed-Wireless: Fixed-wireless internet delivers service using radio towers. It typically offers lower latency than satellite internet but often comes with a data cap.

Please keep in mind that while the internet types listed above exist in Orlando, availability depends entirely on your location. Depending on the district – or even the street – where you live, there may be far more or far less coverage.


Orlando Internet FAQs:

The best internet provider in Orlando based on coverage is CenturyLink internet.

To date, there are 7 Orlando internet providers. Use our zip search tool to find the best plan near you.

Internet plans start anywhere from $19.99 – $50 per month, depending on where you live. For providers in your area,

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This varies based on your available address. To find the fastest internet near you, use our zip search tool.

Some providers like CenturyLink and Xfinity offer internet, TV, and phone services you can bundle, but availability really comes down to where you live. Explore TV and internet bundles and more on HighSpeedOptions.