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Paving its own way, Starry Internet is a relatively new internet provider offering unlimited 5G fixed wireless service in select urban areas. Starry wireless is currently available in five major U.S. markets, including Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC, with plans to expand in the coming years. Below, we break down how Starry Internet is reimagining internet service.

Starry Internet: Interneting Reimagined

If you’re looking to simplify your life, consider starting with your internet service. Starry Internet is a new internet provider making interneting fun again. They offer unlimited 5G fixed wireless internet service for apartment and condo residents for one simple price starting at $50.00 per month with taxes and associated costs already included. Depending on where you live, customers get between 100-200 Mbps symmetrical speeds and unlimited data.

While they don’t offer TV or bundle plans, they do internet really well. With Starry service, you never have to worry about equipment fees, speed throttling, or ETFs. The only downsides we see are its limited availability and no-gig speeds, but it has teased dozens of new markets available in the coming years. If you’re on the fence about Starry, you can take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee to see if it’s everything it promises.

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Starry Internet Coverage Area

Relatively new to the communications space, Starry Internet is only available in 5 select markets in the United States. The Starry Internet coverage map includes Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, DC. Nevertheless, Starry’s early-on success and efficient overhead has enabled them to plan for the future in big ways. Starry is set to expand into 45+ additional U.S. markets in the coming years, taking on giants like AT&T and Xfinity in urban areas. Stay tuned for updates on new markets Starry Internet enters.


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Stary Internet Company Details

Publicly launched in January 2016, Starry Internet is a rising star in the communications industry. It’s an internet service provider offering 5G fixed wireless internet service to urban developments such as apartments and condos. Since breaking through 5 key markets in the United States, Starry Internet is modernizing and simplifying the way internet providers do business. Starry’s CEO, Chet Kanojia, founded this company with the mission to make internet service more affordable and accessible. That’s why Starry Internet offers a single price point for their service, with no hidden fees, contracts, surcharges, or ridiculous price hikes. In addition to its core business, Starry created a philanthropic project called Starry Connect, which partners with public and affordable housing owners to bring high-quality broadband to low-income families. With no credit checks or individual requirements to participate in other federal assistance programs, Starry is the real deal when it comes to its mission statement.

Starry Internet Customer Service

Starry customers and inquirers can reach Starry Internet customer service around the clock with any questions or service issues that may arise. Available 24/7, their customer support staff is reachable via phone at 888-231-9403, email at, messenger on the Starry app, or their online Customer Support page.

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You have questions, we have answers

No. Starry Internet solely focuses on providing internet service to customers in its service areas. To see if Starry is available at your address, enter your zip code here.

No. Starry does not require any service agreements to subscribe to their internet service, so there are no early termination fees you’ll have to worry about if you cancel. Even better, Starry actually offers contract buyouts up to $200 for switching to their service.

Not at Starry. The price of your Starry Internet plan is the flat rate you pay – no hidden fees, no router or modem fees, and no contracts to worry about.

5G fixed wireless service, also known as Fixed Wireless Access (FAW), enables internet providers to deliver high-speed internet to suburban areas where traditional connections like cable and fiber are expensive to lay and maintain. It’s a means of delivering internet access to multiple devices at the same time by using a building’s existing wiring to transmit data from a radio tower to a fixed beam atop the building. A signal is then directed to each unit of the building using a WiFi router that’s plugged into your home’s ethernet output.

MU-MIMO stands for Multiple-User – Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output. It’s the next generation of SU-MIMO (single user) technology associated with your router. A MU-MIMO-ready router is most commonly used to enable WIFi routers to connect to multiple devices at once (hence the funky name).

MU-MIMO technology helps Starry more efficiently and cheaply power its fixed wireless network by enabling Starry Beams atop apartment buildings to transmit internet signals to way more devices with a smaller footprint. This smaller footprint translates into less overbuild and maintenance costs, which makes Starry Internet the affordable price that it is today.

No. Starry Internet offers simple, affordable internet to customers without needing to run your credit history. Say goodbye to unnecessary credit dings.