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Willamette Valley Fiber

Willamette Valley Fiber Internet & Phone Services

Willamette Valley Fiber is a small communications provider that offers fiber internet & phone services to homes in Dallas, Oregon. Shop their latest plans and see what bonus features Willamette adds to their offerings.

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Willamette Valley Fiber Overview

Located in Dallas, Oregon, Willamette Valley Fiber is an internet provider that offers fiber internet and home phone services. While currently a limited service area, Willamette Valley Fiber has plans for future expansion.

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What services does Willamette Valley Fiber provide?

Willamette Valley Fiber offers fiber internet service, featuring unlimited data and symmetrical speeds, and home phone service. Bundles are not available.

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Customer Service

For customer support, contact Willamette Valley Fiber.

Having issues with your service or your bill? Willamette Valley Fiber offers phone support with after-hours availability. 

For customer service, visit their support page.

Willamette Valley Fiber Speed Test


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The fastest internet speed available from Willamette Valley Fiber is 940 Mbps, for both download and upload speeds.

Have a look at the Willamette Valley Fiber support page. They offer phone support and an FAQ for common questions.

Willamette Valley Fiber is a hyper-local provider, and therefore only available in very specific areas of Oregon. The provider does, however, have plans for future expansion.

Willamette Valley Fiber offers fiber internet plans and home phone services. While bundled services are not available, the two services can be combined into one convenient bill.

Fiber internet is a connection that uses light, rather than electrical signals, to transfer data along glass fiber cables. These cables transmit data at the speed of light, and compared to other connection types like DSL and cable, fiber offers the highest speeds, delivers the best home coverage, and supports more devices per household. Despite all its benefits, fiber internet only makes up 1 in 5 internet subscribers in the U.S. today due to the cost of building out fiber-optic networks.