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MINET Internet Plans, TV & Phone Service

MINET is a local internet service provider that offers fiber internet, TV & phone services to homes in two Oregon markets: Monmouth and Independence. Shop their latest plans and see just what separates them from other ISPs nearby.

MINET Internet: Plans Made Simple

If you’re in the market for a new internet provider, you might appreciate the simplicity that MINET has to offer. Located in Oregon, it serves households throughout the cities of Independence and Monmouth. MINET fiber comes in two different speeds: 150 Mbps/150 Mbps and 940 Mbps/940 Mbps. Both plans come with unlimited data and no contract requirements, which we can appreciate.

Unfortunately, MINET does not offer any bundle deals at this time. It only sells standalone services including fiber internet, TV & phone. Some like being able to customize their communications services, but others may find this to be a big pet peeve. To see what options are available near you, enter your zip code above.

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MINET Coverage Area

MINET is an Oregon internet service provider that offers fiber internet, TV, and phone to homes in Independence and Monmouth, Oregon. Today, it services approximately 81% of all homes and businesses in these two cities and continues to drive most of its success from its blazing fast internet service. Stay tuned for future updates about their expansion into other Oregon cities and plans available. Check back here for the latest updates on pricing and availability.


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MINET Company Details

In 2008, the cities of Independence and Monmouth banded together to create MINET, an internet service provider that is available to 100% of households and businesses. It was formed under ORS190 and an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between the two cities to provide a cheaper alternative to communications services and incumbent providers. Shortly after its creation, MINET entered the Dallas, Oregon market and created Willamette Valley Fiber, which is a sister company offering the same products and services. It offers fiber internet, TV, and phone and has plans to expand even more in the future. To see if services are available near you, enter your zip code above.

MINET Customer Support

MINET customer service is available 24/7 for all technical support and payment concerns. Customers can call 503-837-0700. In addition, people with general inquiries can reach a customer representative during MINET’s office hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm via phone or email.


You have questions, we have answers

EZVideo is MINET’s live TV platform that combines standard cable programming and steaming capabilities for a complete entertainment experience. It comes with a TV Everywhere app that users can watch on any device and from anywhere on the go. It comes with up to 135+ channels and features including reply TV, DVR recording, and a recommendations tool. 

The EZVideo app is available on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and the Amazon App Store.

MINET does not currently offer discounted bundle deals on their services. However, you can still combine two or more services on one bill for easier billing and use.

MINET is a small Oregon fiber internet provider that serves two markets, Monmouth and Independence. To see what services are available near you, try entering your zip code here.

Yes. You can use the MINET speed test powered by Ookla to assess your current internet connection anytime.

A speed test measures how your internet is performing in real-time. You’ll get stats on your download speed, upload speed, and ping time, which help determine if you really are getting the bandwidth you pay for or not.

Fiber internet is a connection that uses light, rather than electrical signals, to transfer data along glass fiber cables. These cables transmit data at the speed of light, and compared to other connection types like DSL and cable, fiber offers the highest speeds, delivers the best home coverage, and supports more devices per household. The downside is that it’s not as widely available as DSL and cable internet, which explains why it only makes up 1 in 5 internet subscribers in the U.S. today.