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Atlantic Broadband

Atlantic Broadband Internet, TV & Phone Services

Available in 11 states, Atlantic Broadband is one of the largest cable providers in the U.S. It offers high-speed internet as well as cable TV and phone services. Curious what else comes with their plans? We lay it all out below.

Atlantic Broadband Internet: Gigabit Speeds for Cable 

Atlantic Broadband offers four internet plans with download speeds of 50 Mbps to 1000 Mbps and upload speeds of 6 to 50 Mbps where available. The thing we like most about these plans is the unlimited data that comes with them. These speeds are comparable to other internet providers in the area like Spectrum and Xfinity. Atlantic Broadband offers pretty cheap promotional pricing for first-time subscribers, yet be prepared for your bill to almost double after your first 6 months of service. That we don’t like so much.

For those looking to bundle, Atlantic Broadband lets you combine their internet, TV, and phone services into one package, which makes utility bills much nicer. The cheapest bundle right now is $59.99/mo. for TV and internet packages with 400 Mbps down and 60+ basic channels. The trade-off for bundling, however, is that TV and internet may offer you more channel options while limiting available internet speeds you can choose from. The best way to know what is available near you is by entering your zip code below. We provide the most updated plans and pricing.

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Atlantic Broadband Coverage Area

Atlantic Broadband is a cable provider in the United States currently serving 11 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. It’s considered the 8th largest cable provider and is continually strengthening its service network. For updates on new AB overbuilds, be sure to check back here.


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Atlantic Broadband Company Details

Founded in 2004, Atlantic Broadband is a subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc. and is headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts. It was formed through a series of infrastructures and telecoms Cogeco acquired in the early 2000s including parts of Charter Communications’ smaller regions, MetroCast, and G Force Cable. Today, Atlantic Broadband is considered one of the top ten cable providers in the United States based on its TV subscriptions. It also offers high-speed broadband and home phone services to more than 450,000 residential and business customers. One of its main selling points is its customizable packages to allow customers to pick only what they need. Overall, their mission is to “deliver compelling, flexible, and reliable services plus amazing local support to the…communities it serves.” 

Atlantic Broadband Customer Support

Atlantic Broadband offers customer support around the clock, seven days a week. To speak with a customer representative, you can reach out via a call to 888-536-9600, an email, or their online chat. For all general inquiries, you can also visit their Support page on their website for FAQs and additional resources.


You have questions, we have answers

Not at this time. However, Atlantic Broadband does offer speeds fast enough to support streaming in 4K. Additionally, Atlantic Broadband’s TiVo devices can support 4K content when streamed via apps like Netflix and YouTube.

No. Add-on sports packs such as MLB Extra Innings and NFL Sunday Ticket are not available with Atlantic Broadband TV services. If you have subscriptions to ESPN+ or other sports networks, though, you may be able to log in to those respective apps on your TiVo devices to access sports content.

If there was a spectrum of connection types, cable internet would fall somewhere in the middle: Fiber > Cable > DSL.

Similar to DSL, cable internet is a network that uses electrical signals to create a connection from an ISP to the home. But, instead of passing that signal through copper phone lines as DSL does, cable internet runs on the same coaxial cables as your TV service. Coaxial cables are made of a sturdier outer material that allows the signal to travel faster and offers higher bandwidth for things like streaming movies or playing video games online.

Compared to fiber, cable internet cannot support the same maximum bandwidths that fiber can. Due to glass fiber-optic cords used, fiber internet transmits internet signal at the speed of light – literally. This allows for faster speeds, greater home coverage, and more device connectivity.

Today, 3 in 5 U.S. households subscribe to cable internet due to its wide availability and high speeds.

No. Atlantic Broadband is one of the few ISPs that require customers to lease their equipment. An equipment rental fee of $9.99/mo. is added to your monthly bill.

Yes. You can use the Atlantic Broadband Speed Test to assess your current internet connection anytime.