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Astrea Internet Plans, TV & Phone Service

Enjoying the serene landscape of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin doesn’t mean you have to go without fast and reliable internet access. Astrea is a rural internet provider focused on bringing high-speed internet to small-town families and businesses. If you’re currently looking for local Wisconsin or Michigan internet providers, stop your search and check out Astrea’s details below. 

Astrea Internet: High-Speed Internet for Small-Town Living

Small-town living usually means giving up quality connectivity. Until now. You can swap your city condo for a quiet escape on the outskirts without having to worry about your connection to the rest of the world. Astrea specializes in providing high-speed internet, TV, and phone services to rural communities with a need for speed. Depending on where you live, Astrea offers three plan types that are customized based on your exact location, whether that’s in town, near town, or outside of town limits. Astrea internet varies by location, but plans will come with unlimited data and download speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.

For those looking to bundle internet and TV, Astrea allows customers to combine two or more services and save up to $15 on their monthly payment. Rural internet, TV, and phone services are hard to come by on their own, let alone as a bundle, so we’re excited to see this option at Astrea. To check if Astrea is in your area, enter your zip code below and get connected.

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Astrea Coverage Area

Of all Wisconsin and Michigan internet providers, Astrea is specifically known for its service to rural communities. Astrea internet is available to more than 60 communities throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, making it a top-100 telecommunications company. Astrea is headquartered in Iron Mountain, MI with two store locations and dozens of WiFi hotspots customers can access at any time.


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Astrea Company Details

Founded in 2007, Astrea is a telecommunications company that was originally named Packerland Broadband. After a series of acquisitions and a recent rebranding campaign in 2019, Astrea marked itself as the “provider for small-town living.” And that’s exactly what it focuses on. Astrea serves select parts of Michigan and Wisconsin and offers high-speed internet, phone, and cable TV plans to homes and businesses located under the stars rather than the city lights. Depending on your location, Astrea has rural internet plans that are tailored to different regions and have speeds that range from 10 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. With Astrea, you don’t have to sacrifice connectivity when living on the outskirts of town.

Astrea Customer Support

Astrea customer support is available 24/7. To speak with a representative, customers can call 800-236-8434 or use the Live Chat option on the Contact page. Any questions about technical issues or billing can also be submitted as a support ticket in the customer portal


You have questions, we have answers

Astrea is available in over 60 communities in small towns across Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. To see if Astrea offers services near you, enter in your zip code here to view current options.

Depending on your location, there are three different tiers of internet plans Astrea offers: In-town, Near-town, and Outside of Town. The first two tiers, In-town and Near-town, consist of Astrea’s network that runs on a combination of cable and fiber-optic lines. In the most remote areas (Outside of Town), Astrea also offers satellite plans in partnership with Viasat. To check what options are available near you, enter in your zip code here.

Yes. You can combine any of Astrea’s three services (internet, TV, and phone) for discounts on your monthly bill. If you bundle two services, you can save $10/mo., and if you combine all three, you can save $15/mo.

Astrea Juice is Astrea’s adaptive WiFi solution powered by Plume – otherwise known as a WiFi extender plug-in. Its primary use is helping extend the reach of WiFi signal throughout a home. However, it also connects to a self-monitoring app that allows the user to control what devices are connected, enable parental controls, and monitor potential network threats.