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Alaska Communications

Alaska Communications Internet & Phone Service

If its name didn’t give it away, Alaska Communications is the leading internet service provider of the northwest state. To help ease your buying decision, we dig into what Alaska Communications offers and sets them apart from nearby providers.

Alaska Communications Internet: Plans with Free Perks

Are you searching for new internet in Alaska? Alaska Communications is one provider that’s making headlines. While its DSL internet service is average compared to larger ISPs in the U.S., AC compensates with free perks that even AT&T doesn’t always offer. 

Alaska Communications offers internet plans with speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps that start at $59.99/mo. With each plan, it includes unlimited data, free equipment rentals, and no contract requirements. Better yet, if you switch to Alaska Communications and suddenly have to move or don’t like their service, Alaska Communications will terminate your service without an ETF, so you never have to feel locked in.

If you are someone who games a lot or relies on fast internet speeds for working from home, Alaska Communications might not be the right fit for you. Its internet speeds are decent for everyday activities like scrolling through social media, but the slow upload speeds leave something to be desired. To see if this provider is right for you, enter your zip code below to review current deals.

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Alaska Communications Coverage Area

Alaska Communications is a telecommunications provider serving the northern state of Alaska. It’s the leading provider of internet and phone services, with a coverage area that spans approximately 400,000 households. This provider is continually expanding its network and improving its offerings to supply locals in public institutions and private homes with services that keep them connected.


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    No early termination fees

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    Free internet equipment


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    Speeds max out at 50 Mbps/10Mbps

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    Quite expensive

Alaska Communications Company Details

Formerly Alaska Communications Systems (ACS), Alaska Communications was formed in 1998 by a cluster of third-party utilities and networks. Its infrastructure is a mix of both DSL and fixed wireless internet, delivering speeds up to 50 Mbps with unlimited data and no contract requirements. ACS provides high-speed internet and phone to local Alaskans despite acquiring multiple companies throughout the last two decades. In its most recent development, Alaska Communications is now under acquisition itself to an affiliate of Macquarie and GCM.

Alaska Communications Customer Support

Alaska Communications is available 24/7, no matter if there’s snow or sunshine. Customers can call 800-808-8083 to speak with a customer representative or technician if they experience any service issues. Also, there’s a helpful Support Page online that includes customer resources and FAQs for each of its services.


You have questions, we have answers

Alaska Communications has both DSL internet and fixed wireless internet connections, with download speeds ranging between 10 Mbps and 50 Mbps.

No. Alaska Communications only provides internet and phone services.

While speeds vary depending on where you live, Alaska Communications offers high-speed internet up to 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload. This bandwidth is plenty for 1-2 people to perform online activities like web browsing, streaming, and checking emails. However, each household is unique.

To understand your speed needs, you’ll want to consider the size of your home, the number of devices you have connected, and the types of activities you do daily.

No. Alaska Communications included unlimited data on all of their internet plans, so you never have to worry about overage fees or speed throttling.

Promotions and availability will vary depending on your location. However, one perk of signing with Alaska Communications is that they offer internet at a discounted fixed price for a 12-month promotional period without ever having to sign a contract. To see if this provider is available near you, try entering your zip code here.