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FTC Internet Plans, TV & Phone Service

FTC is a South Carolina internet service provider that offers high-speed internet, digital TV, and phone services to local residents. Depending on where you live, FTC delivers fiber speeds up to 1000 Mbps with a free modem and router. See what else FTC has to offer and if it’s what you’re looking for.

FTC Internet: Gigabit Speeds for Rural Homes

There are few things more frustrating than moving to your dream home and realizing internet options are all but nonexistent. Finding fast internet in suburban or rural areas can be difficult sometimes, but local providers can really surprise you. FTC is a local South Carolina provider offering DSL and fiber internet, TV, and phone services to residents that need it most. Depending on where you live, you may qualify for gigabit fiber internet that comes with free equipment rentals and fast installation.

For those looking to bundle, FTC has something for you, too. You can save up to $40 when you bundle two or more FTC services. Deep discounts and one-bill payments are just a few perks FTC deals will get you. To see if you qualify for FTC service, enter your zip code below.

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FTC Coverage Area

FTC is a small internet service provider based in Kingstree, South Carolina. Serving a coverage area of 3,000 square miles of DSL and fiber-optic lines, FTC offers service to residents of Clarendon, Florence, Kingstree, Lee, Sumter, and Williamsburg counties. Currently, its customer base consists of 60,000 households. To see available options near you, enter your zip code here.


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FTC Company Details

Founded in 1951, Farmers Telephone Cooperative Inc. (FTC) is a hyper-local telecommunications provider that offers DSL and fiber internet, digital TV, and phone services. It’s headquartered in Kingstree, South Carolina, and runs two affiliate corporations under the FTC umbrella including FTC Communications LLC (i.e. FTC Wireless) and FTC Diversified Services (DSI) LLC. As a cooperative, FTC is owned by its customers, also known as “members,” which is why FTC is dedicated to offering personalized, local customer service at all costs. It’s evolved from a simple telephone company and now works on expanding its fiber network each year to bring the fastest speeds available to its community. Stay tuned for more future updates about FTC services and availability.

FTC Customer Support

FTC customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all technical and payment-related inquiries. Customers can call 800-541-5030 to speak with a Farmers Telephone Cooperative representative or visit their Support Page online that includes helpful resources and a live chat.


You have questions, we have answers

Use TestMySpeed to conduct a speed test of your internet connection in under a minute. A speed test will tell you what your current download speed, upload speed, and ping time are. 

Yes. FTC offers a 10% military discount on all services for all verified active duty and retired military personnel.

Each household is uniquely different when it comes to their internet needs. Depending on your home and family size, online activities, and location, your internet service will vary. FTC provides a speed calculator to help you pick the right internet plan for your family.

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) is a network of glass fiber optic cables that uses light, rather than electrical signals, to transfer data. Compared to other connection types like DSL and cable, fiber offers the highest speeds, delivers the greatest home coverage, and supports more devices per household. However, despite all of these benefits, fiber internet only makes up 1 in 5 internet subscribers in the U.S. today due to the high cost of building fiber-optic infrastructure.

Yes. All internet customers get access to six free WiFi hotspots dispersed throughout their service area. Those hotspot locations include:


  • Bobby Richardson Baseball Complex
  • Central Carolina Technical College
  • Downtown Sumter Business District
  • Palmetto Tennis Center
  • University of South Carolina Sumter

Lee County

  • Chappell Park

FTC Premium WiFi runs on a gigaspire router that comes with a self-monitoring WiFi app where users can control devices connected to their home network, add parental controls, and create guest accounts.